Services we offer

General Computers Maintenance - If your computers are running slow we can diagnose what's causing the issue. We will do as much to update the computers before we suggest upgrades.

General Computer Support - If you or any employees are struggling on how to connect a printer to your computer or something similar like emails, we will show you slowly how to do this.

Repairing of Computers - If your computers (or laptops or phones) stop working we will diagnose what's happened and what we will do to fix them, if it is unfixable we will suggest a replacement(s) if needed.

Repairing of Mobile Devices - As stated above, we will diagnose the problem, try to repair it (unless it's unfixable) and suggest a replacement(s) if needed.

Building of Office Computers - We will build computers which can run the basics, Office 365, Google Chrome and any software you require.

Upgrading of Any Computers - Any computers running slow, or struggling can be upgraded.

Recycling Old Technology - Any Old Tech can be taken away for free and will be recycled.

Hard Drive Data Recovery - If your drive stops working we can try our best to recover your data, we can send it off however that is expensive.


For Businesses we have two different contracts you can agree to.

For our One Year Contract:

Initial fee of £50, An hourly rate of £18 and a cancellation fee of £30

For our Two Year Contract:

Initial Fee of £75, An hourly rate of £17 and a cancellation fee which varies.

For more information please use the button below to contact us to find out more.

How to Pay

All payments can be made in two ways.

One - Bank Transfer

Two - Card Reader Payments

Note all payments must be made within 14 days of the invoice being submitted or additional charges will be incurred at the compound interest rate of 10% per day per missed payment.